Individual First Aid
Individual First Aid (Immediate Response)

A suicide within a family is a traumatic  experience for all of the “survivors” (the professional term for the remaining family members).  The purpose of this project is to offer “first aid” for the family (i.e.-an immediate response) in the days and weeks immediately following the tragedy.

This service is provided by families who themselves have lost a loved one through suicide. These family members have already participated in our support groups and have worked through the mourning process. They receive training in order to be able to assist families who have just lost a loved one.

These family members who offer “first aid” meet once a month with a psychologist who supervises their activity. This gives them the opportunity to receive professional advice about questions that arise in their sessions with the families. It also supports their continued work with additional bereaved families.

Family members that have taken part in our support groups at least one year ago and are interested in volunteering with support groups please contact Keshet – Support Coordinator - tmicha.bishvil@gmail.com

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